A Burial At Sea Maritime Funeral Services
Ash Scattering at Sea, Ash Scattering at Sea RI
Ash Scattering at Sea, Ash Scattering at Sea RI
A Burial At Sea Maritime Funeral Services


Up to six friends and family may attend the service and delivery to the sea. The Captain will perform a prepared service, which may be customized to your specific wishes. Friends and family may participate, if they desire, and flowers may also be placed in the water with the remains.

Memorial services to honor the deceased in later years may be arranged with a return trip to the exact location of the original service, if desired.

Note: Those attending services at sea should take precautions if they are susceptible to motion sickness.

A Burial At Sea Maritime Funeral Services


Family and friends do not accompany the cremated remains aboard the vessel to the dispersal site. The Captain will conduct the scattering in a dignified and respectful manner, traveling to an offshore location to perform the service or a reading in conjunction with the scattering.

A Burial At Sea Maritime Funeral Services


Options include placing flowers in the water with the remains.

A Burial At Sea Maritime Funeral Services


Very often family members choose to read poems, play music, or just reminisce about the loved one for whom we are performing the funeral service.

Please review our list of available piano music and military selections for burials at sea.

We are often asked for the sources of poems, and have provided a list of Internet links that we have found.

We thank you for making this day of sorrow more pleasant.

The H_____ Family

I would like to thank you very much for a wonderful trip and a lovely ceremony on June 21 to disperse my parents' ashes off Warwick Neck. We are all happy that we were able to fulfill their wishes and to bring them back home to where they grew up, dated and married. My Aunt was also so happy to be able to go out with us. We were all totally comfortable on your boat and were very appreciative of your (and your mate's) respectfulness of our particular needs.

Thank you again,


A Burial At Sea Maritime Funeral Services for Pets

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